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In 2010 I picked passion fruit in the backyard and made some delicious juice as I did as a child in St. Kitts. This time however I added some rums, spices and other ingredients to create a concoction that blew my mind. That mind-blowing experience was contagious and over the next few years as my family, friends and colleagues took sips of this amazing drink that I made at home. Almost immediately I began getting feedback about this passion fruit drink. Family, friends and colleagues would tell their family, friends and colleagues about this unique Caribbean rum punch they enjoyed and of course, I would get calls about how they could try it. They would invite my drink to their house parties and their cook-outs and, to not make me feel some kind of way, they would invite me too. But they made it clear not to show up empty-handed. As some of these people became friends, they began sharing some of their experiences with me after drinking my concoction. I have listed some of them below for your entertainment purposes only. I am absolutely in no way endorsing or claiming any of these attributes, but to each his own.

- A lady told me she had some type of sinus congestion and was feeling like she was about to come down with a cold. She said when she drank the passion fruit drink, it knocked the congestion out her body and cleared her up.

- I ran into a young woman I met some months earlier at a party and I noticed there was something different about her. She looked like she had gained some weight. As I looked closer I quickly realized she was pregnant. I asked her if she had a good time at the party and if she enjoyed the drink. She gave me a look like "I can kill you right now dude." She pointed to her tummy and said "...this is your fault." She and her boyfriend are expecting a baby and she blames my drink. Then she smiled.

- A former colleague at CNN had been dating a young lady for three months and things were great. They were falling in love but there was an issue. They were spending a lot of time together but he couldn't get past first base with her. I mentioned my drink to him at work and he asked to taste it so I made him a bottle to take home. He was so impressed he let his girlfriend try it. Apparently they enjoyed the entire bottle after dinner and he knocked a home run that night. He swears there's some kind of exotic tropical aphrodisiac in the drink and badgers me occasionally to reveal the "secret" ingredient. I have no idea what he's talking about (**smile-wink**).

People who have tasted what is now Ou-Oui! Premium Liqueur say it's a very unique experience. Some folks from the Caribbean who live in the U.S. say it takes them back home because it tastes like the real fruits they ate while growing up on a tropical island. Whatever your experience, please share it with loved ones and friends. Our liqueurs are perfect on any occasion, at home, at your favorite bar and restaurant and the cook-out or picnic this summer. In the meantime, check out this article about other myths associated with liquor that may leave you like, hmmmm, really!


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