If you know or have heard about what I've been up to for the past three years, you no doubt have seen this: Ou👄Oui!®. At first glance it may look kind of strange, a word or two words that does not look like any thing you can pronounce but at the same time there's something intriguing about it. Maybe it's the lips, seductively puckered like they're about to whisper something both naughty and nice. A closer examination by the lip reader in you may lead you to conclude that she's about to say Oooouuuu. For some of us guys, that's a good sound coming from any woman you're trying to engage. When that Oooooouuuuu is immediately followed by Weeeeeeeee... lookout, something great is about to happen or is already happening. Lots of people have asked me where did that come from? Why did I name the drink that? Why is it spelled that way? What does it mean? I have answers for all of the above and if you have a minute or two, I can explain.

When a Jamaican friend first tasted my concoction at a party at my home, she stopped dead in her tracks, looked around and blurted out, "dis drink taste like a panty droppa!" (in a rich Yardie accent). Her frank and honest reaction brought down the roof on the party. Everyone fell out with hysterical laughter (no doubt fueled by my special rum beverage) and the name for my newly invented drink stuck, at first, just between friends. That risqué name followed the development of the beverage over the next few years and was even briefly considered as the official name of the liqueurs. Briefly because my lawyers stepped in with excellent advice and the verbal flogging I received from a 60-something year old church lady who shamed me brutally for even considering such a name (but she loved the drink). Within an hour of that smackdown, I started hearing voices in my head. The voices kept saying the same thing: Oooooouuuu-Weeeeeeeeee. A friend said it was my dearly departed mother whispering the solution to my problem in my ear. Or maybe it was the sound I would often hear from women who tasted by drink. Either way, I knew I had found the name of my liqueurs, but how do you spell Oooooouuuuu-Weeeeeeeeee?!?! And keep it sexy but still classy? That took a couple days to figure out and I settled on 'Ou' as an expression and 'Oui' (the french word for yes). Drop some lips in the middle to drive home the point that this is one, very sexy and fun expression. It made sense on a number of levels.

So how many times have you said Ou👄Oui!®? Or heard someone say it? Whenever Ou👄Oui!® escapes from someone's mouth, there's definitely something awesome going on. In my experience, people often say Ou👄Oui!® when they taste my liqueurs, even without knowing that's the name on the bottle. It's a remarkable thing to witness. One night I met Snoop Dogg at fellow rapper T.I's restaurant and told him about this new drink coming out soon and even thanked him for helping me promote it (he just nodded and smiled). In fact, I've found a lot of songs with ooouuu-weeee prominently expressed either in the lyrics or ad-libed on the track ( I counted at least ten). Three recent chart-toppers, Jeremih, Young Homie Quan and Little M.A. got the music world all riled up with some version of 'ooouuu' or 'oui' in their hit songs. Some people even encouraged me to reach out to these artists or their 'people' to get my bottles in their videos (we're not ready for that yet). But I understand the excitement around Ou👄Oui!®, whether you're saying it or sipping it. Super Producer Bangladesh, the man behind the beats of artists like Rihanna and Bad Boy South CEO Russell 'Block' Spencer told me that it is almost too easy to incorporate my brand into some dope lyrics. Well, come Summer 2017 they just might get that chance, as they and their artists Sip 'N Spit Ou👄Oui!®. In the meantime check out Dan Dao's article on the 10 best booze shoutouts in Hip Hop.


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