10 Things Your Bartender Would Love You to Stop Doing

I recently went to a popular bar on Atlanta's south side, Old National Highway to be exact, to see what's going on these days on the bar scene. There were the usual big security guys keeping law and order, a crush of beautiful women and ambitious dudes trying to get their attention, servers delivering baskets of lemon pepper wings and fries to tables, and bartenders serving up beer and cocktails. Among the hustle and bustle stood out a cocktail that kept moving across the bar at a pretty steady pace. I also quickly noticed two things about this very popular cocktail, it was bright blue and served by the pitcher. Women especially, were downing it like the best Kool-Aid ever made at a hot summer's cookout. I asked one young lady- "what's that?". She replied, "oh, that's the Blue Motherf***ker.," with a big grin on her face. I followed up with, "so what's in it?" She shrugged and in body language replied 'I don't know'. I chuckled and absorbed what I had just heard and what I were seeing. Over the next hour, as more women poured into the bar, the Blue MFs kept on rolling out by the pitcher. A few days later I attended a panel discussion put on by Cocktail Chronicles that featured several seasoned bartenders and mixologists. One of the questions posed to the panel asked about 'ratchet' drinks. The Blue MF was the first and unanimous choice across the panel. They called it the cocktail you don't want to order from a bar they're standing behind. They offered various reasons for their opinion along with some other anecdotes they said drive bartenders nuts. So if you're looking for a great experience the next time you go out, pay attention to these 10 things your bartender would love you to stop doing (Click photo below). And if you really want to impress them this summer, ask for Ou👄Oui!® Premium Liqueur on the rocks or the Passion Punch made exclusively with Ou👄Oui!® Passion Fruit Premium Liqueur. On sale May 2017.


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